The Soccer World Cup is here in South Africa in the year 2010. That is a known fact worldwide. And the advantages of hosting this event in June/July 2010 well known too. The selection of South Africa  as the host nation is an international vote of confidence in our ability and capability to organize such a giant event. South Africans are already straining every sinew to make sure that all  goes smoothly.

Universal Vision Travel and Accommodation Services is amongst those on their toes to get ready to receive international tourists coming to this country for this event. We are not sacred about the impact of tourism the event will create, and we are very confident to take charge of the influx and give them then taste of our ‘Proudly South African’ brand. While Bafana Bafana soccer team will be our prime factor of our pride, we shall also showcase to the world the beauty of our country, South Africa and its people.

The 2010 is a fact of life. Business tourism providers, like Universal Vision Travel and Accommodation Services (UVTAS), will have to deal with it accordingly. We are going to ensure that we support the event by being part in almost all the travel and accommodation arrangements and help encourage the following:-

(a)  Small towns and cities preparing soccer –friendly attractions

(b)  Satellite accommodation  to deal with  peak accommodation demands during  specific 2010 matches

(c)  Make South Africa a tourism-aware and tourism-friendly nation during this soccer event and beyond

(d)  Dispel negative stereotypes about visiting  South Africa

Universal Vision Travel and Accommodation Services (UVTAS) has already put together strategies for the handling of reservations for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Contact us at Telephone: 27-15-307 26 54, Facsimile: 27-15-307 2655 or email: Our website will assist you gain access to very important information about this mega event……..Start making preliminary reservations now and save serious embarrassments.

Book for the 2010 Soccer World Cup with Universal Vision Travel and Accommodation Services (UVTAS) and you are sure going to have a good chance to witness the 2010 Soccer World Cup here in South Africa.